don schwartz
Don Schwartz with Glass

A marketing, events, social media and eLearning consultancy located in beautiful New Hampshire, USA.

Principal, Donald Schwartz, is a 25 year veteran in software marketing and eLearning support systems. A frequent speaker at Autodesk University, Don has an underlying belief that Face to Face communications will never be replaced. Our significant web, PR and social media skills are always thought of as leading to the ultimate goal of a meeting and a handshake.

We are highly experienced at developing, coordinating, growing and ongoing management of specialized Meetups for professionals. Let’s talk about building your community.

Donald Schwartz  has a lengthy history of learning systems design for users of professional design software.

Architects, Engineers, Product Designers and those responsible for the continuing education of those who design our world … well, they can be a demanding crowd. Their professions and their personalities demand nothing short of perfection and I am proud that during my tenure building CADLearning.com we succeeded in delivering over 150 Moodle sites, over 300 courses comprising 30,000+ video tutorials.