Online LMS Services

We service the online learning needs of business, small and large.

Design and Training Services

  • Moodle® Admin Training
  • Template customization
  • Plugin selection and installation
  • Hosting and or host selection assistance

Consulting Services

  • Online Learning Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy – Drive usage
  • Monitor and Report methodologies

Management Services

  • Site Management
    Do you have a Moodle site for your employees/users but lack the time to manage the service?  Consider outsourcing the day to day administration to us.
  • Marketing
    You built it or had it built.  Courses and content are awesome, yet users ignore the system and fail to take advantage of the excellent learning tools.  You need marketing and we know how to drive usage.

Don Schwartz  has a lengthy history of learning systems design for users of professional design software.

Architects, Engineers, Product Designers and those responsible for the continuing education of those who design our world … well, they can be a demanding crowd. Their professions and their personalities demand nothing short of perfection and I am proud that during my tenure building we succeeded in delivering over 150 Moodle sites and over 300 courses comprising 30,000+ video tutorials.