Camtasia Services

As experienced Camtasia®  and Snagit®  users/trainers we offer basic and advanced services for educators in both industry and school environments.


  • Training
  • Camtasia customization
  • Video Standards
  • User generated content planning and platform selection

Video Delivery and Integration

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Moodle
  • Kaltura video platform
  • Brightcove video platform
  • Amazon Web Services


Don Schwartz is the former Chief Technologist with 4D TechnologiesTM and the network of video education sites.

From 2003 – 2012, Don directed the development and publishing of 30K+ training videos for users of Autodesk® design software.  Over 100 corporate and institutional client sites made use of the video repositories, delivered via the Moodle course management system.  As we grew so did the network and bandwidth needs of a worldwide user base.  This necessitated us moving the videos off our servers and into a content delivery network (CDN) capable of serving video from the nearest Internet point of presence, anywhere in the world.  Don oversaw a year long trial of systems such as Amazon Web Services, Brightcove and Kaltura culminating in the selection of the Kaltura platform and the beginnings of the move in late 2012.

Don also performed the role of Client Trainer for both the Moodle administrative functions and the use of Camtasia for client created lessons.

We have the experience to help your organization move into the future of employee generated, shared learning.