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Experiencing Google Developer Office Hours

I had the pleasure this past week to attend Google Glass Developer Office Hours and Design Sprint, held at the “Base Camp” high above Chelsea Market in Mid-town Manhattan.

Sunset over Mid-Town

As a member of the Google Glass Explorers, I’ve learned that Google is not the typical software company. They do not follow the norms many of us have come to take for granted from large organizations. For one, they treat us beta testers as members of the team. They’ll take my calls, answer emails and meet in person as often as needed to help developers become the best that they can be.

Listening to design ideas

Office hours was akin to kindergarten. Lots of folks playing and learning with toys and colored paper. The Glass team members sat with each person and worked through any and all coding issues, but mostly worked with groups in order to show us new ways to view Glass application development. Following the afternoon office hours, with awesome food and beverages, Timothy Jordan led us through a “design sprint” where we, as teams, were taught a Google method of collaborative design.

This was fun, inspiring and a wonderful learning experience for all involved. One eye opening moment came when I looked up from my tablet to see Timothy Jordan sitting across from me. The “face of Google” for developers is actually a brilliant, but normal, human being.

Timothy Jordan

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