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How Google+ saw my 2013

If you are a regular user and frequent photo/video uploader on Google Plus, then chances are you received a little present for the holiday. The Google Auto Awesome system has built compilation videos from selected photos in each user’s stream. Mine just happen to be mostly #throughglass or of Glass and include many first time sightings of Glass and a number of my family and friends.

The auto awesome system per Google “Enjoy fun new versions of your pictures. You’ll see your photos combined into short animations, joined into panoramas, and merged into group shots where everyone looks good. “

Some have raised concerns about the privacy of our personal photos and videos when a Google bot is randomly editing photos and creating new enhanced images without our control. Well, we can turn auto awesome off and no creations are public unless the user chooses to make it public. Of course the best policy is to never upload anything you wouldn’t want seen by the public.

Thank you Google for this cute end of year gift!

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