Resume – D Schwartz

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  • A few of the Moodle sites built for the professional education of designers from 2003 to 2012.   [button link=”″ size=”small” color=”silver” window=”yes”]Moodle Portfolio[/button]
  • One of many training videos I created for Moodle administration. Requires Flash  [button link=”” size=”small” color=”silver” window=”yes”]Uploading large videos into Moodle[/button]
  • This is a recording of my AU Virtual session explaining our AutoCAD plugin. I also presented at AU numerous times on the topic of creating in-house training videos with Camtasia and publsihing with the Moodle LMS.  [button link=”″ size=”small” color=”silver” window=”yes”]AU Class[/button]

Below is the text of my current resume

Donald I Schwartz


2013 – Present – VectorSpect, LLC (Self Employed)
Consulting, Marketing, Events Management

Organizer of the Wearables New England Meetup Group ( which has been a networking leader in bringing together technologists, physicians and business leaders exploring wearable computing.

Producer of NH Innovation Nights ( Monthly networking product launch party for new and innovative products.

2003 – 2012 – 4D Technologies (CADLearning) – Chief Technologist and Marketing
Instructional Design, Webmaster, Network Engineer, Support, Marketing

I Designed, Deployed, Managed and Supported the largest network of private and public LMS services for the Autodesk user community. Starting as a team of one in 2003, I moved a library of CD based learning into a replicable LMS cluster, then continued to produce video tutorials and add over 300 courses as Autodesk product releases demanded. Played a significant role in the growth from a negative business with 3 employees to over 20 employees and sales over 2 million.

  • Built over 150 Moodle LMS Websites
  • Designed CADLearning public facing portal
  • Trained and supported client Moodle admins
  • Designed the CADLearning course format
  • Responsible for the production of 30,000 video tutorials recorded by software experts
  • Developed Course Builder and Video Import tool for rapid course deployment
  • Integrated ecommerce membership system with Moodle
  • Taught Camtasia to various clients
  • Designed CADLearning brand and all brand marketing through 2009
  • Managed 4D CADLearning marketing and trade show efforts through 2011

1996 – 2003 – Self Employed Web Developer


Wearable Devices Design Sprint for Health – Kaiser Permanente DC Oct 17, 2014 – Organizer

Pri-Med East 2014, Boston Mass – Panelist Google Glass in Healthcare and event organizer

Google Glass Challenge April 2014 – Google Cambridge, MA – Event Organizer

Autodesk University – Multiple classes between 2006 and 2011, primarily focused on implementing organizational elearning and recording Autodesk tools with Camtasia


Self-taught Web mastery, Linux, Moodle, CDNs

Arizona State University College of Architecture
Boston Architectural College