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    Google Glass in Harvard Medical Research

    On July 22, I was honored to participate in a Hangout On Air with three Boston area physicians, two of whom are leading active projects at their Harvard Medical School research facilities.  Moderated by Dr. Jennifer Joe of MedTechBoston.com, the discussion focused on how application development is proceeding, HIPAA issues and our desires for the future development of the Glass platform. In this hour plus video you will hear honest experiences and opinions by Dr. Karandeep Singh, Nephrology Fellow at Brigham and Women’s Hospital / Massachusetts General Hospital, Software Developer, Informatician and Dr. Synho Do, Assistant Medical Director for Advanced Health Technology Engineering, Research, and Development, MGPO.  We were also joined by Dr. Ismail Nabeel of Ohio State. The general…

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    Mass Innovation Nights 64 #MIN64

    I always enjoy events where smart people come to meet other smart people and make an effort to say “Hi I’m …”. Mass Innovation Nights 64, held at the WaterTown Arsenal offices of Athena Health was such an event.  Of course I also love when people ask “is that Google Glass?”.  Bobbie Carlton and her team at Mass Inno have been doing this for well, 64 nights and they have the formula down. You can read about the startups that presented and all the great sponsors over at the Mass Innovation Nights site, I just want to post some of my #ThroughGlass photos and let all my readers know that…