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Design Sprint for Health is Approaching

As we pass the one month point leading up to the DC Wearable Devices Design Sprint for Health, I want to try to convey what your day may be like, should you choose to join us on this journey into the future of Healthcare.

We’ll be gathering at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health at 8am on Friday October 17, 2014. Come bright and early with your laptop! This is after all  the Center for Total Health and we will provide healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks.

This will be a jammed packed day for sharing and working on our visions for wearable devices in Health and Healthcare. The prime purpose, the goal, the take home from the day, is to meet other visionaries like yourself to share aha moments and leave with plans to continue the collaborations which have just begun. We will be designing and coding some, but we expect no finished anything.We do want to pass on the Design Sprint methodology that may, we hope, guide your future product design processes.

Order out of Chaos

Design Sprint, what is that? Google Ventures uses a 5 day design sprint to help startups accelerate or get unstuck during the new product design phase. You can read about it here. We, and most notably Antonio Zugaldia, have participated in or led many one day sprints focused on Google Glass use cases. The one day is a synthesis and has led to actual products such as the NYC City Ride for Glass which helps riders find available bikes and parking locations.

Your day, the short version*.

After the intros and some very cool technology demos, we’ll form teams. Antonio Zugaldia and others will then guide us through a team thought process during which your team will use SCRUM techniques to prioritize and order solutions to a use case scenario which you have put forward during discussions. Picture many post it pads and easels. We’ll conclude with presentations and discussions of the day’s progress.

That’s it. Just a fun day of collaboration and learning.

Who is attending: Med Students, Doctors, Nurses, Developers, Health Care industry business development folks, Engineers and those who want to learn. Won’t you join us?

More information and registration on our event site.



Weighing ideas
Weighing ideas

* More details to follow in the coming days/weeks.

What to bring and prepare?

Android Studio installed if you don’t want to install at the event.

Read about coding for Android Wear and Google Glass

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