Autodesk lives what they preach

I’ve been reading the corporate sustainability report for fiscal 2013 and this company continues to impress.

Autodesk® customers are using Autodesk software to lead the charge towards a more sustainable future.  The report is actually good reading for those interested in the environment, our future and even those following the ADSK stock price.  Read the report here.

Most impressive for me is the fact that Autodesk eats it’s own cheese.  They practice what they preach and do so in a big way.

Autodesk increased revenue 4 percent in fiscal year 2013
compared with fiscal year 2012, while reducing absolute
greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 8 percent during that
period. Our footprint is 34 percent smaller in absolute
terms than the base year, fiscal year 2009.
During fiscal year 2013, Autodesk’s CO2e emissions
decreased by 3 percent per employee and 8 percent per
square foot of real estate, compared with the prior year.

Autodesk Sustainability

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