Sarah Hill’s “Broadcaster’s View of Glass”

On her blog, Sarah Hill has written a fabulous piece relating her first 5 days with Glass.  Sarah is one of those people who wants to be followed and she is so open it makes one want to follow her.  Some Glass Explorers had the fun of

being in a hangout with her as she was fitted for her Glass.

Sarah being fitted with Glass

I highly recommend her blog and the videos she has posted.  http://sarahhillstories.blogspot.com/2013/06/glass-cast-broadcasters-view-of-google.html

Here’s a teaser… “As I walked up the stairs to pickup my Glass at Chelsea Market in New York, I kept looking at my mobile phone like a girlfriend looks at her boyfriend right before she breaks up with him.  Would Glass mean the beginning of the end for my handheld device? I was about to test drive the Model T of wearable computers and couldn’t help but

wonder what would happen to my horse.”

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