What I learned at iMoot 2013

Over the course of 6 days and 24 hours, non-stop, there was much to take in at this year’s iMoot.  As usual, the networking via chat and forums was the single greatest reward for attendance.  Here I’d just like to discuss my prime takeaways.

Learning – I’ve felt this way for some time but it was nice to hear Moodleman not only agree but force feed the notion that there is no such thing as eLearning.  Learning is learning and remote learning, online learning, whatever you call it, is simply learning.  This website will no longer differentiate between online or classroom as all is now blended.

Gamification of learning – This sounded like something for school kids, not the professionals I deal with, but the iMoot gods saw fit to gameify the entire iMoot this year thus sucking us all into the fun of the competition.  Done right, it is an excellent method of driving higher use and I feel, better retention.  We’ll see once I have the op to build some new courses.  look for updates…

Badges – Moodle and many systems have implemented the Open Badges from Mozilla.  Teachers, admins etc.  can now award badges for pre-defined goals.  I managed to collect 11 or 12 at iMoot of the 24 that were available.  Many were for specific classes I did not attend.  The “adults” in attendance scoured the site looking for ways to get more badges.  We followed links and read the pages.  We opened images, we clicked on floppy hats.  The competition was fierce and continues even after iMoot has ended.

I envision badges becoming the norm on corporate learning sites.  Badges will become much like the certificates we hang on our walls.  A proof of accomplishment to our coworkers and management.

iMoot Attendee badge
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