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    My Surface Go Love

    My 4 day old Surface Go is simply amazing. Got it to keep working when I really don’t want to drag my 10 pound powerhouse around. I agonized over which Chromebook or lightweight windows flipper to get, but once I accepted that Windows/Microsoft is my ecosystem, the choice narrowed and the Go wins by a mile. Mine is the full 128gb, 8gb with a 128gb sdxc I plugged in. I might post an in-depth review but for now, I just want to use this baby. New tech is thrilling. New useful tech is a game changer

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    Some recent editing projects

    I’ve acted as “Technical Editor” for Packt on four Moodle publications. Tech editor tests and verifies the author’s processes and tools. Published in August 2018, Moodle Course Design Best Practices: Design and development, 2nd edition is a valuable update due to the major changes we saw in 3.2 through 3.5. A must read for the periodic Moodle course creator. Both of these earlier books are well written but I have to recommend the Gamification for anyone interested in learning how to apply game theory within a Moodle course.  

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    Reporter discusses wearing Google Glass in OR

      “They let us come in with three different types of cameras, and film the entire delivery from the minute Julie [the mother] was wheeled in, to the moment that one of her babies went into the neonatal intensive care unit,” Quinn said. It isn’t just the unique access that made this story special. Kay Quinn became one of the first journalists to use Google Glass technology inside of an operating room . Read the full story at KSDK here

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    NH Business Review on Glass NH Meetup

    http://www.nhbr.com/July-26-2013/Google-Glass-gets-a-test-drive-at-NH-event/ “Pass the Glass,” a July 11 event held at the offices of Manchester-based Dyn, gave participants a chance to discuss and try out Google’s newest high-tech offering, Google Glass. Dyn employees, software developers and the tech curious filled Dyn’s solarium (a high-tech classroom) as web developer Joshua Cyr demonstrated the power of Glass. Execellent writeup by NHBR journalist who attended our July 11 Meetup.

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    Reading and highly recommend Atopia Chronicles

    Mathew Mather’s Atopia Chronicles is a 6 part Kindle book I’ve become addicted too. Pure SciFi that is perfect reading while I await my Google Glass pickup next Saturday. The worlds of Atopia are augmented reality taken to the extreme and in the stories we follow a group of intersecting lives which Mathers develops with simple brilliance. A must read for all Glassholes like me.