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    World’s most sustainable building can now be found in Dubai

    http://m.gulfnews.com/news/uae/environment/world-s-most-sustainable-building-can-now-be-found-in-dubai-1.1197814 Dubai: If Dubai is home to the tallest, the largest, and everything else worthy of the record books, it can also have the “most sustainable” commercial building in the world — The Change Initiative (TCI) — on Shaikh Zayed Road. TCI is a 4,000-square-metre shop that provides sustainable solutions in Dubai. It has secured the highest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum rating from the US Green Building Council (GBC), a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable buildings worldwide. TCI achieved 107 points out of 110, making it the most sustainable commercial building in the world. The record was previously held by Pixel, a four-level building in…

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    Reading and highly recommend Atopia Chronicles

    Mathew Mather’s Atopia Chronicles is a 6 part Kindle book I’ve become addicted too. Pure SciFi that is perfect reading while I await my Google Glass pickup next Saturday. The worlds of Atopia are augmented reality taken to the extreme and in the stories we follow a group of intersecting lives which Mathers develops with simple brilliance. A must read for all Glassholes like me.

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    IPads Supplanting Blueprints Boosts Builder Productivity – Bloomberg

    http://mobile.bloomberg.com/news/2013-05-31/ipads-supplanting-blueprints-boosts-builder-productivity.html As the wind whips through the top floor of an unfinished eight-story office building a block west of the White House, Steven Denbow points to metal air ducts as an example of work that wouldn’t need to be redone. The 29-year-old senior project engineer for Balfour Beatty Plc (BBY) ran three-dimensional simulations before construction began, finding hundreds of clashes, or design elements that interfered with each other. When the software indicated water pipes would intersect the ducts, he requested changes so workers didn’t have to rebuild parts of the $29 million project. Armed with iPads linked to the newest plans, work orders and information requests, specialists such as Denbow…

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    Autodesk Excellence in Infrastructure Competition

    http://www.infrastructure-excellence.com/ … the 2nd annual competition showcasing Excellence in Infrastructure. The winners will be given over $10,000 in prizes by our generous competition sponsors. The competition is open to everyone planning, designing, building and managing infrastructure projects, 21 years and older, to highlight the best projects done in 2012/2013.We are looking for the best usage of Autodesk technology to plan, design, build or manage Civil Infrastructure projects. Project types may include Transportation (roads and highways, rail, airports, bridges…), Land development (commercial sites, subdivisions, public parks and recreation…), Water (distribution, water resources, dams and levees, wastewater), Energy (electric and gas distribution, electric transmission and substation design) and Urban planning

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    Autodesk lives what they preach

    I’ve been reading the corporate sustainability report for fiscal 2013 and this company continues to impress. Autodesk® customers are using Autodesk software to lead the charge towards a more sustainable future.  The report is actually good reading for those interested in the environment, our future and even those following the ADSK stock price.  Read the report here. Most impressive for me is the fact that Autodesk eats it’s own cheese.  They practice what they preach and do so in a big way. Autodesk increased revenue 4 percent in fiscal year 2013 compared with fiscal year 2012, while reducing absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 8 percent during that period. Our…