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  • Wearable Devices Design Sprint For Health

    Amazing what happens when 60 people get together to envision the future. Friday, October 17, 2014 we developers, med students, biz devs and docs joined in a design sprint for wearable devices in health and healthcare. It was, I feel, truly eye opening20141017_111438_437 for many and a learning experience for all. The Wearable Devices Design Sprint for Health and Health Care was held at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health (CTH), located right next door to Union Station DC. The CTH is an amazing space for your healthcare related functions. I highly recommend them and be sure to let them know Don sent you. So what exactly is a Design Sprint? Take some Agile, blend in SCRUM and rapidly prototype your ideas. In our case, Antonio Zugaldia of Silica Labs, guided the group through the process of developing idea/use case scenarios for the real world personas supplied by KP. We more or less regurgitated our ideas onto sticky notes then as a group, selected the easiest and most realistic to pursue based on need, ease of implementation and technical requirements. By the end of the day, each team had a basic wireframe of a concept. But more importantly and the real purpose of the event, we all learned how to collaborate while meeting like minded people. I formed a few relationships which I am sure will payoff in the future. Successful events like this happen because of teamwork. Our team was led by myself, Don Schwartz, Ted Eytan of Kaiser, Konstantin Karmazin, a brilliant medical student from Georgetown, Roger Lam of KP and Antonio Zugaldia. But we would be lost without the hard work of the Kaiser Permanente team of Erin Meade and Yen Greene. Thanks team! Other Contributors: Fay Sahai of KP gave us an overview of the innovation Kaiser Permanente if working on and why they see a future for wearables in Health. Roger Lam, also from the KP Innovation Team, showed us a variety of augmented reality tools like Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. Georgetown’s Dahlgren Library loaned us Google Glass and also supplied the breakfast. Thank you all for helping our attendees to glimpse the future.

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